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New to CrossFit?  

If you haven't been a member of a CrossFit Affiliate before,

you can 

Sign up here for a 

Free Trial Burn class

Burn classes are suitable for beginners. Once you have completed all the online admin, you can book into a Burn class on the online timetable


or, get started with our Introduction to CrossFit

Once you have completed the Introduction, you can join up with a Membership.

 Already a Crossfitter?       
If you have been a member of a CrossFit Affiliate before, and are looking to join us at CrossFit Guildford, 
use our contact form
and let us know which CrossFit Affiliate you have been a member of previously. We can then send you a link for a free dropin to a WOD.

or, get started straight away with our flexible monthly Memberships. Sessions can be taken at any time in the Membership month and you can change or cancel with a two week notice period before the next billing date. 

  • CrossFit Guildford Memberships

  • Introduction to CrossFit. Comprising two, one to one Personal Training skills sessions £75​

     Memberships below for those who have been a member of a CrossFit Affiliate before. Fees per month 

  • 9 Monthly 9 CrossFit sessions monthly and two Plus sessions per month £90

  • 13 Monthly  13 CrossFit sessions monthly and 2 Plus and 1 Open Training per week £110

  • Unlimited 1 CrossFit sessions per day and 2 Plus and 2 Open Training per week £150 

  • Unlimited Plus Unlimited CrossFit sessions and Guildford Weightlifting sessions. Contact us. 

  • Annual membership  Contact us 


CrossFit Classes

CrossFit sessions include:

  • WODs 

  • CrossFit Games Open workouts

  • Burn,

  • Aerobic capacity,

  • Team workout,

  • Strongman,

  • Strength and Power,

  • CrossFit Comps,

  • Gymnastics

  • Turf Games Prep

  • Hyrox Prep

Plus Sessions. Choose from:

  • Functional Thickness

  • Gymnastics

  • Strength

  • Aerobic Capacity

Open Training. Allows you to catch up

with any Classes or Training you may

have missed.

CrossFit Youth (5 - 10 years old) and

CrossFit Teens (11-17 years old)

Contact us.

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